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CHAPTER 4 Pandora’s Box

CHAPTER 5 The Rectory

CHAPTER 6 Spinsters on the Warpath!

CHAPTER 7 The Search for the Poison Pen Pal

CHAPTER 8 Spinsters Fight Back!

CHAPTER 9 Graham Burslem

CHAPTER 10 Can it Be?

CHAPTER 11 Spinsters Spill the Beans!

CHAPTER 12 The Good Bergers of Failsham

CHAPTER 13 Neighbours Divided

CHAPTER 14 Sailles

CHAPTER 15 Time to put aside Childish Things

CHAPTER 16 Hilda Lawley

CHAPTER 17 The Poison Pen Pal

CHAPTER 18 The History of the Failsham Wool shop

CHAPTER 19 May the Best Man Win

CHAPTER 20 The Case of the Philandering Husband

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