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Catch Me If You Can

Washed ashore on a South Carolina beach in the middle of a ferocious hurricane, Lois Steinberg regains consciousness in the bedroom of a historic plantation house. Her handsome rescuer, Victor Helm, informs her the resort was scheduled as the site for a convention of ‘Catch Me’ game enthusiasts.

Lois, together with the eight ‘Cathie’ attendees, has no choice except to wait out the storm. When the cook is found murdered, the already tense atmosphere explodes with accusations and suspicions. Who could have wanted the man dead? Everyone is a stranger with no connection to each other except for their love of the ‘Catch Me’ games -- right?

Inside the house, Lois, aided by Victor and his golden retriever, Mite, combat a deadly storm that rivals the strengthening hurricane. To find the killer, they must sort through a series of plots far more complicated than the ‘Catch Me’ creator could ever have devised.

It’s not a game they seek to solve - but the saving of their lives.



Miss Mae

Catch Me If You Can

Published By Smashwords

ISBN: 978-1-4523-2821-8

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