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Copyright 2012 by Stroker Chase

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Author’s Note: All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years old or older.

Gangbang Badge

Father Fucking Badge (Margo’s Turn)
Public Sex Badge

First Time Lesbians

Fuck Scouts: Gangbang Badge

The fire warmed the circle of girls on the cool autumn night. The teens huddled around on the logs, sharing stories, watching the flames, feeling good that they were in each other’s company. They had known each other since they first became scouts. Now they were all leaders.

Flames licked at the mountain of badges they had earned. It was Kerri, a slender blond, who picked them up and hung it down her body quite eloquently.

"Don’t I just look fabulous!"

"That’s hot." Allie said. The voluptuous teen with auburn hair, growled at her.

"I think it’d look better if it had one more."

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