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White Wolf and the Eve of Blades

Caine Dorr

Copyright 2012 Caine Dorr

Smashwords Edition

White Wolf and the Eve of Blades

Go outside with that Niles. It’s making mother ill.” Janice Milton cried.

Have you been outside Janice? It’s crazy. The storm?” Niles Milton waved an arm across the sliding glass door leading out onto the balcony. In the darkness he could barely make out the buildings across the street that he knew where there.

Don’t fuss over me please.” Mother Mason mumbled around what must have been bone jarring coughs.

Fine. I’ll open the door and blow the smoke outside.” Niles cranked open the door and was surprised how quiet the storm actually was seventeen stories up. Then lightening cracked the sky and bathed the building in bright light.

Shit.” Niles mumbled around the cigarette in his mouth as he lit it. The patio set out on the deck, the one Janice just had to have, was ruined. She’d not taken his warnings seriously about leaving the sun umbrella up and fully extended.

As the thunder clap reverberated between the buildings and the last vestige of light provided by the lightning strike dissipated into total darkness again Niles could see that the umbrella’s top had been ripped away and the umbrella based dragged out of the hole in the middle of the table top. The glass table top had cracked in several places and both chairs were missing completely. He hoped no one was hurt as he stepped out onto the balcony and closed the door behind him.

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