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A 10 year old princess sat at the plush balcony, looking outside at the merry meadows and the chirping birds. Her soul stirred melodically upon listening to the songs of those beautiful, colourful feathered fliers.

The little girl’s rapt eyes turned suddenly in the eastern direction. The boulevard in front of her palace gave out a rumbling clamour.

Oh! My dear what is that?” feared Princess Alicia.

Chapter 2

2029, Balleria Football Stadium, Ecuador

It was heard again, like an aimed sling shot wheezing through a silent forest.

Bejo Taja, the Z grade cameraman, had been trained for years for ASD (Audible Signature Detection) in the most on-field and off-field exposures. It was to correctly capture the visual location of a point from its sound emanating direction. A glimpse of a gun which fired a shot would earn millions if not billions in revenue for the NC Telenetwork .Taja was the best one in that and could point to within three centimetres of the very low sound coming from a hundred meters distance in any direction. That was the reason he had been put on today’s match which tomorrow’s paper will have heavy headlines’.

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