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The Nicest Guy in America

"Angela Benson, a veteran romance writer, has earned her 'stars and bars' with this sensational, subtle and sensual battle of the sexes." -Romantic Times Top Pick!  4.5/5 stars!

Do women really want a nice guy? Computer security specialist Reggie Stevens doesn't think so. He's a nice guy who's been dumped by several women and each woman left him for a man who treated her badly. Do men really want a nice woman? Reporter Kimberla Washington doesn't think so. Her experience tells her that men really want a clone of the swimsuit models featured in Jet magazine. Kimberla and Reggie find their beliefs and their hearts on a collision course when Kimberla's magazine sponsors a Nicest Guy in America contest and Reggie finds himself as one of the finalists.

The Way Home

The Way Home is an intense, and satisfying read. . . At the end of the book, one is left with a feeling of contentment; that not only have you enjoyed a wonderful love story but that you've been privileged to catch a glimpse of black culture.--Romance in Color, 5/5 stars

Class bigotry is alive and well in the small southern town of Gaines. The residents of the affluent Rosemont section hold the less fortunate residents of the Dusttown section in disdain. As a young girl from Dusttown in love with a boy from Rosemont, Marlena Rhodes experienced the pain that kind of bigotry inflicts. While that bigotry destroyed her relationship with her first love, Winston Taylor, it made Marlena determined to prove the bigots of her hometown wrong. When she comes back to town as an acclaimed attorney, Marlena finds things haven't changed much, including her feelings for Winston and his for her. Will new winds of bigotry and secrets from the past destroy their second chance at love, or will their love overcome their detractors, the biggest of whom is Winston's mother?

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