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Randy Roommates 2: All Tied Up

Michelle and Kelly had been college roommates for 3 years. Both were good looking with blonde hair, and toned bodies from all the sports they did throughout the week; Tennis for Michelle and Athletics for Kelly.

Whilst Kelly was slightly taller at 5 feet 10 inches with brown eyes, compared to Michelle’s 5 feet 9 inches and blue eyes many people mistook them for sisters upon first meeting them.

Kelly also had a steady boyfriend called John whilst Michelle had remained single by choice.

John and Kelly had been going steady for over a year now but things were not super serious, just a little serious.

All of their friendships had survived a potentially relationship ending night a few months ago when a semi drunk John had stumbled into the wrong bedroom and started making out with Michelle.

Although she had tried to resist her sex starved libido had gotten the better of her and both of them were caught in the act by Kelly. However Kelly demanded they continue and finish the job and then actually joined in herself leading to a great night of 3 way fucking!

The next morning was not surprisingly a little uncomfortable but everyone chalked it up to a college experience and moved on. Michelle didn’t know about the others but for her it was a fantasy fulfilled, and one she hoped to repeat with them one day.

Their apartment was small but functional, actually not too bad for a couple of college students.

A small kitchen led into the combined dining room and living room equipped with a plasma TELEVISION. The girls also used the living room when they needed some extra space to study. Further down the hall were the two bedrooms side by side (that’s how John stumbled into the wrong one) a double bed in each and room for a small study desk. Then at the end of the apartment were the shower, bathroom and laundry.

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