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Soldier of a Once Free Nation

Jean Gonzales

Published by Jean Gonzales at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Jean Gonzales

The town center looked abandoned in the heat of the day. Its pristine cleanliness and quiet streets gave it a feeling of abandonment; however, the people were simply inside in the cooling centers.

Looking at the people they looked well fed, dressed in sturdy clothes, and ailments were rare. Yet, as they sat in the cooling centers, it could be seen that each individual was involved in small hand held devices from which various activities were provided. The unnatural stillness would only be broken by the children who, although they were intensely focused, would squeal and shout on occasion only to be quickly hushed by whatever adult nearby was annoyed.

One child was sitting near her father when outside a person could be heard walking heavily to one of the decorative fountains placed in the center of the town block. Finding distraction in such an unusual thing, the child looked out from the window and saw a man dressed in rags that no longer had any color.

He wore a hat that creased in many places from much handling and carried a large sun bleached pack on a metal frame. His face was tanned and creased with age which was a stark contrast to the child who had only seen pale ageless faces.

The man filled a square bottle up with the water in the fountain after splashing his face off. He didn’t get to do anything else as the city’s police came quickly and hauled the man off with much beating and kicking. The child’s father noticing the focus of his child finally tells her:

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