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What others have said about the works of Jeffrey A. Carver

"Masterfully captures the joy of exploration." —Publishers Weekly

"Jeff Carver is a hard sf writer who gets it right—his science and his people are equally convincing." —Gregory Benford

"One of the few hard SF writers whose characters are as interesting as the deep science." —Melissa Scott, author of Dreamships and Trouble and Her Friends

"Carver writes powerfully and clearly." —Booklist

"High adventure in the wonder-filled depths of space with characters you'll remember long after you finish reading the last page." —Joan D. Vinge, author of The Snow Queen

"If you think by reading Kim Stanley Robinson and Stephen Baxter and Greg Egan that you're catching all the best in current hard SF, you're not: Carver belongs not just on that list, but at the front of it." —Robert J. Sawyer, author of Flashforward and The WWW Trilogy

"Carver's latest addition to The Chaos Chronicles . . . ensures his place among the most inventive of contemporary authors of hard sf and speculative theory." —Library Journal

"First-rate entertainment." —Booklist



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