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Suzy Gets Them Wet

By Jo D. Smith

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2012 Jo D. Smith

All Rights Reserved

Bright light pulsed with heavy bass as the girls, and one completely shitfaced boyfriend, stumbled toward the next club. A petite blonde in black heels and a little red dress leaned into the lone male and he leaned back into her. It was difficult to tell who was holding who up. That was Cadence and Jeremy, a saccharine sweet couple that made the other girls a little sick sometimes. Cadence has a secret, she's having an affair behind Jeremy's back, with another woman.

Brooke is a tall, statuesque brunette that looks like she just stepped out of a lingerie catalog. She's dressed down for the evening, jeans and a low cut blouse that show off her formidable cleavage. The girls have all been friends since college and college was now a depressing number of years ago. She hadn't realized just how attracted she was to her prim and proper little, blonde friend until a few weeks ago.

Suzy was tipsy. She had straw colored hair and brilliant green eyes. She could eat like a horse and not gain a pound, much to the consternation of her friends. She was dressed in a miniskirt and loose fitting cornflower blue blouse. She'd been dumped a few weeks earlier by Jimmy Norton, mostly due to her special talent. She'd discovered that she was a squirter one night with Jimmy. He was less than thrilled. He was an asshole, anyway, and her talent had brought the small circle of friends much, much closer together than they had been before. She was playing out a little fantasy about one of them in her head as she walked, it was pretty hot.

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