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Randy Roommates 3-Story Bundle

Table of Contents

Randy Roommates

Randy Roommates 2: All Tied Up

Seducing Her Roommate

Randy Roommates

Michelle and Kelly were roommates. They had been for their three years at college. They met during the orientation week and even though they were doing different degrees they found they hit it off enough that they should share an apartment together.

Neither was into the sorority scene. If they wanted friends, they simply made them. Everyone enjoys hanging out at college and the ‘houses’ that one was invited to join seemed sort of old school these days. Life was too short to be bothered about stupid initiations anyway.

Michelle was doing a sciences degree whilst Kelly was into philosophy. It seemed like two oil and water type of degrees but actually this led to some interesting discussions over the occasional bottle of wine.

By coincidence the two girls looked similar. Michelle was 5 foot nine inches tall, 110 pounds, long legs and a body kept toned by many hours on the tennis court. Her blonde hair and blue eyes made sure she got many heads turning when passing through the cafeteria, walking to classes, or making her way to and from the tennis courts at her college grounds.

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