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Terrorist Among Us

Terrorist Among Us

B. A. Bouley

Smashwords Edition


Terrorist Among Us” is a detailed analysis on the pending threat to America by Domestic/Home Grown terrorist. We will examine prior terrorist incidents that have come from within our own country and from abroad. Focus specifically on the fact that government must concentrate a substantial amount of their efforts on the fight against domestic terrorism and not only the possible foreign terrorist threat.

The emphasis in “Terrorist Among Us” is on terrorism as a domestic phenomena, with materials relating to past domestic hot spots, as well as brief historic summaries. This title will also provide global coverage and how it plays into the domestic/home grown terrorist facing our nation. This book in no way is predicting any form of terrorist attack, whether domestic or otherwise, in the future on the United States or its interest.

The book is more of a warning to our government to sit up and take notice that the possibility of domestic terrorism is real.

In Chapter one some of the names have been changed. However, as you will see the incidents as they occur are true.



"History teaches that grave threats to liberty often come in times of urgency... when the scourge is manifest... and the need for action is great" (Thurgood Marshall)

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