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The Offworld Chronicles

By Steven Lake

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Steven Lake

Chapter 1

Simon looked up from his computer screen and rubbed his eyes. He'd been staring at code for the past nine hours and it was quickly becoming a blur to him. He wondered if he should call it a day. But with deadlines looming, he didn't dare. Just then his boss leaned in the door.

"Hey, Simon. You still here?" he asked.

"Yeah. Got a couple modules I need to fix before I knock off for the night. I should be done soon," said Simon.

His boss laughed.

"Well, don't stay too long. We've got a new client coming in tomorrow and I need you fresh and alert so we can knock their socks off. They're talking about contracting with us for a big point of sale system; and we're talking big."

"You're having me start a new project!? I'm not done with this one!"

"How close are you?"

"It'll be at least two more weeks before it's ready for beta testing."

"Can someone else take over your work so you can start on this new account?"

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