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Simon shook his head.

"Not a chance. I'm the only one left on this project. Everyone else got assigned to other things. It's why I'm so far behind," he protested.

His boss shrugged.

"Really? Well, that shouldn't have happened. So I'll see what I can do to get you some help. In the meantime, just shut down and head home for the night."

"I will, as soon as I finish this module."

"How long will that take you?"

"A couple more hours."

"Nah, head home now. There's no point in you killing yourself over a management screwup."

Simon frowned.

"Eh, alright," he grumbled.

His boss laughed.

"Thanks. See you in the morning."

He then waved goodbye and left. Simon looked back at the code he was working on, sighed, and shut his computer down for the night. He grabbed his coat off the back of the chair, stepped out of his office and strolled out the door. The next thing he knew he was sitting on a strange bed staring at the wall of a large, metallic cell. He then looked down at his body and realized he was wearing an unusual brown outfit. It felt like it was made of heavy canvas. Just then the door to the cell hissed open to reveal two strong, gray skinned men standing outside. They yanked him out of his cell and shoved him down the hallway.

"Hey, what are you..." said Simon.

"Shut up and walk," growled one of the men.

He then pushed Simon through a nearby door which hissed shut behind him. Another gray skinned man near the door grabbed Simon and shoved him towards a line of people standing in front of a desk on the other side of the room.

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