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A Fantasy Romance Novella

Cate Rowan

Kingdom of Nemerre, 1820

When Prince Alexander spied the glowing tip of the witch’s wand, he knew his day was about to be shot to hell.

Not that it wasn’t bad already. Having twenty prospective brides staying in the castle and stalking his every movement was exceptionally bothersome. But his father’s word was law, and King Julian was not a man most cared to cross—even Alexander. Not even when the king’s dictate forced Alexander to become prey within the walls of his own home.

He enjoyed the simple pleasures in life, and the latest prospective princess and her duchess mother had cornered him in the solar, where he often secluded himself with a good book after a morning’s ride. Unfortunately, there was only one exit from that room, and the ladies were blocking it. This was a nuisance, especially since the mother had just revealed herself to be of the witchly persuasion.

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