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He made his debut with a volume of poems and aphorisms entitled “Ergonomics of the Drifting Fall”. “The Protocol of Sankt-Petersburg (1913)” and “Romanian-Italian Relationships during the Period of Neutrality (August 1914 – August 1916)” saw the light of the press two years later. “The Manual of the Perfect Dictator”, an exciting radiography of the dictatorial phenomenon appeared in 2010. He published numerous studies and articles on historical themes in several specialized magazines. He has also flirted with drama, being the author of five plays called: “The Devil’s Temptation”, “Giordano Bruno”, “Leviathan”, “Tao Ba’s Falling Must Be Hurried” and “A Tale with and about Wicked People”.

His latest book is entitled “Jesus vs. Mithras”. As the title itself suggests, the Early Christian’s pagan roots are analysed therein.


Some words about an I

Charter I On the Desire of Power or the First Step towards Dictatorship

Chapter II On the Various Types of Dictatorship or on How a Person Can Become a Dictator

Chapter III On the Unique Party

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