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II. Successions Inter Vivos. A. Standing in Seller's Shoes not a necessary Incident of Conveyance, 353-355. — B. Early German and Anglo-Saxon Law; Alienability extended by Analogy of Inheritance, 355-360. — C. Roman Law; Consequences of Identification of Heir with Ancestor extended to Buyer and Seller, to acquire prescriptive Right, 360-366. — D. English Law. Prescription, 366-369. — E. Devise, 369, 370.


Successions. — II. Inter Vivos.

A. Warranty, 371-380: (a.) Direct Benefit of, extended to Assign by Fiction that Assign was quasi Heres, 372-377; (b.) Analogy of, extended to modern Covenants for Title, 378-380. — B. Easement, 381-386: (a.) Roman Law, 382-385; (b.) English Law, 385, 386, (393, 394, 396, 397, 399, 402, 404, 405); (c.) The Type of Rights which pass, irrespective of Succession, upon a conflicting Principle, 386, 387. — C. Rents, 388-391; (a.) When Parcel of a Manor, like Easement, 388-390; (b.) But contractual Remedies for, only passed by Succession, 390, 391. — D. Prescriptive Rights analogous to Contract, which followed Law of Easement, 392-394. — E. Land bound to Warranty, 394, 395. — E. Necessary Meeting and Conflict between Principle of B, C, D, and E, and that of A (Succession), illustrated by the Cases, 395-399. — G. Modern Law; (a.) The Confusion as to "Covenants running with the Land" due to losing Sight of the Conflict, and to the Attempt to apply both Principles, 400, 404; (b.) Results, 404, 406. — H. Other Cases of Successions: Uses, and Trusts, 407-409.

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