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Ol' Betty

Tricia Bennett

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Copyright 2010 Tricia Bennett

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Ol' Betty was a legend in the Appalachian Mountains. Everyone knew of her, but no one knew her. She had been there as long as anyone around could remember, but no one had any idea how old she was. Some folks insisted Ol' Betty was a witch and others insisted she was just a strong mountain woman who wished to be left alone.

Ol' Betty came down the mountain on Moses, an old white mule about six times a year. She would go to the local grocery, stock up on what staples Moses could carry. She would always k up inexpensive bolt of material, some thread and a jug of kerosene and start back up the mountain. She never spoke to anyone except to ask what she owed and would pay from a bag of silver dollars. No one knew where they had come from.

Moses was known to be very vicious towards anyone but Betty and no one approached either of them.

There had been rumors of a few fool hearty young men over the years who had bragged that they were going to part the old woman and her bag of silver dollars but they had all disappeared and never been heard from again.

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