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Yes, well, something smoother and much more easy is what I had in mind. The perfect companion. A quiet walk. A pulled up seat in the back of my car with an old blanket on the floor where Lex would sit nicely and wait until I tell him to get out. Right.

Lex, please come out of the water. Please come here.” Yes, I’ve gone to begging now from where I’ve lowered onto the hot sand, dumping loads of it out of my shoes and setting them aside. He only cocks his head and goes on splashing, likely frightening a toad or a fish or whatever he’s pawing at.

Dogs are supposed to be on a leash in public.”

I snap my head to the voice behind me. No uniform. Only a man, a perfectly-dressed man with a perfect tan and sun-bleached hair. I’m SO not interested in anything he has to say, unless he shows me a badge. “Thank you for the information.” I turn back, now gloating in allowing my adoptee to play freely as he likes. I figure he deserves the play time since I just forced him to the vet’s to get his shots and he really was very good there.

You’ll get a fine.”

I don’t bother looking back again. “Guess that’s my problem. Thanks again.”

Does he bite? Because if he bites, that’s more than a fine.”

Look.” Shooting up to my feet, I’ve decided I’ve had enough being walked on by now. “If I get a fine, what do you care? He was on a leash. See?” I hold up the chewed through red string with clasp at one end. “If I can get him back on it again, he’ll be on a leash. I may have to walk leaning to one side since there’s not much left of it but I’m doing what I can, so back off, Mr. Perfect. I don’t want anymore of guys like you.”

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