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"Besides, I don't know any werewolves."

"So you thought a vampire was close enough?"

"Actually, not close enough, given how fascinatingly beautiful she is."

Hannah Kang could not say no after that. Her heart would have fluttered, if it were actually beating. "I'll be there."

"Very smooth," said his partner, after Hannah had cut the connection. "I'd nick that one, 'cept not sure there's anywhere I could use it."

"Don't know any dead queens, then?" Ghaavn grinned.

"Right, mate, good point. Not around at the moment to try it on."

"Anyway, if there's this much smart arse floating around in the air, it is probably about time for a sparring session, don't you think? Besides, you could use some practice with your new silver knife. Get used to the weight."

"Good idea."


Wing came down to interrupt, saying they had a visitor. "Oh?" said Ghaavn, towelling the sweat off his neck, as they cooled off after finishing. "Tell them we'll be right up."

The visitor had long raven hair, was wearing a black trenchcoat, and long black knee length boots. Loose around the neck region, an impressive cleavage was on display. "Looks like I arrived fifteen minutes too late. I could have cooled you down easily."

"Hannah!" said Ghaavn. "I'll kiss you after a shower."

"Go then,"" she shooed him out.

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