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Hold on to me

Part 1 – “Call an ambulance!”

911 what is your emergency?” said the operator.

“It’s our son! He’s barely breathing! Send an ambulance. Hurry, Hurry!” said Steven as he held our son in his arms rocking back and fourth. Tears were streaming down his face in rivers. “Come quick!” he screamed into the phone.

“Okay sir, stay calm I have dispatched an ambulance to 3131 W. Madison Street is this correct sir?” said the operator in a calm voice.

“Yes, please hurry!” said Steven again as he hung up the phone stroking is his son’s fever pitch forehead.

“Hold on little buddy, hold on. Oh please God don’t take him away from us” he whispered through his trembling lips.

Carol was in shock but was trying to stay calm. She paced back and forth checking the window for the ambulance. They could hear it rushing from down the street with sirens blaring.

“Here they come honey!” said Carol grabbing their son’s two favorite teddy bears Josh & Billy and a pile of his clothes quickly putting them into his school backpack. The paramedics burst into the open door with medical gear and a stretcher.

“We’ll take from here sir” said the lead paramedic as he lifted little Bobby from Steven’s arms taking is temperature.

“One minute he was playing then the next he was on the floor passed out!” said Steven in a panic voice looking over their shoulders.

“We’ll try and get him stable and then get him to the hospital sir.” Said the lead paramedic putting little Bobby on the stretcher then putting an IV into his little arm and checking his pulse.

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