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A Light In the Sky

Ethan’s eyes were wet. Tears streamed down his dust caked face as he stared into the cruel blackness of space. There, in its dark expanse, he could see his star and his home, winking down at him, mocking him. It was so close. He was so close.

What a cruel way to die.

His life, Ethan could see it amongst the stars. He could have been somebody, anybody, but this cursed planet had stripped it all away.

A hot wind whipped around him, tearing at his clothes. His jacket was torn and dirty and his body was caked in mud. The tears felt good after thirty-nine days in a dry, suffocating heat.

Ethan gently took out his wife’s picture and kissed it. “I’m sorry,” he whispered. The time had come. The abyss before him was calling. For the last time he looked toward his light in the sky, burning its image into his head. His home was no longer; he had accepted his fate. Ethan raised his arms to the vast expanse of space; he raised them to the stars that had been his life, and fell into the black hole of the abyss.

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