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Killed by Darkness

A Befallen Tides Story

Anna Sanders

Copyright © 2012 Red Iris Books

Published by Red Iris Books

Smashwords Edition


WINX AND DEJA Rowan walked along the pretty beach in front of their home. The summer heat was morbidly humid, but the two of them barely noticed. The sisters had their pinkies hooked together and swung their arms. As they neared the shore, their bronze skin danced with reflections of the sunlight on the water.

They had their leathery wings unfurled to catch the breeze, and their trailing tails left furrows in the sand. It was forbidden for daevors to reveal themselves around humans, but the beach was desolate. There was nobody around to see.

Deja began to sing about wanting to hold her sister’s hand like the Beatles’ song. She didn’t have that great of a singing voice.

Winx rolled her eyes and released Deja. “You dork. Aren’t you going to miss all of this? I mean, New York doesn’t have sea shells.”

“It won’t be so bad.” Deja sat down onto the sand, her toes just within reach of the tepid swells. She folded her wings back and curled her tail around her legs. “The agency set me up nicely. I’ll be traveling all over the states, and possibly overseas on occasion. New York will just be a place to hang my hat.”

Winx gazed at the crystal blue waves lapping her feet. Her long dreadlocks fell over her face in a cascade of knots. “I still can’t believe you’re really going.”

“Believe it, snot-nose. I’m all packed up,” Deja said.

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