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Kara Uncensored

Straight Friends Become Shady Lovers

Joe Brewster

Copyright 2012 Joe Brewster/TransgressiveFiction

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Kara is the kind of open and honest person who is completely herself at all times. She doesn’t put up a false front for anybody. I feel lucky to have her as a coworker.

I suppose being open and honest could have its drawbacks if she were snarky or pessimistic--thank god she’s not—but she’s no goody-two-shoes either.

On a typical Monday morning the rest of our office personnel might shuffle in like zombies, but not Kara, she would bubble over with stuff like this:

Don’t you just love those one-night stands where the guy gets it?” Kara asks. “He understands that you didn’t wear these particular fuck-me pumps just because they look pretty, or because they make your legs and ass look hot and shapely, or because they show enough toe cleavage to ignite a raging inferno of lust in his groin as though testosterone were gasoline--all of which is true but that’s just a matter of fashion.

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