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Published by Mike DeClemente at Smashwords

Copyright 2011 Mike DeClemente


The family of three sat in the front row…. while her son and daughter sobbed, the worn looking mother, looked away wanting to grieve with them but did not, only for the sake of being strong for her children. Angelina, her nine-year old daughter’s cries of anguish were the loudest, reverberating throughout the funeral parlor, sending shock waves sorrow to those who sat in the lounge waiting to pay their last respects to her father who died suddenly. As their strong mother looked upon her husband who was at peace, her mind was blank, her son stared transfixed, wishing this were a horrible dream that they'd wake up from only to see the kind and caring smile of their cherished dad. Never again will his children feel his warmth, or hear his soothing voice of guidance. He'll never see them grow-up and become adults. Angie, finally taking her face away from her mother’s chest, walked over to the casket, kneeled, and stared hard at her dad. She witnessed him collapsing as he played a basketball game with his friends. It was a weekly thing he loved doing, aside from coaching his children’s baseball games and family vacations. Carlos Marin, will always be remembered as not only a kind human being that would do anything for family, friend, or stranger, but as a shining example of how a father should be.

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