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Shero is dedicated

To all those fabu

I love you all. Thank you for allowing Shero into your lives and hearts.


Chapter 1


KillSwitch stared through the six-inch plexi-plate that stood between him and his newest experiment.


The sounds coming from the other side of the window were gruesome. But it wasn't just the sounds. Oh no...if only. The sights looked as though they were pulled directly from Dr. Frankenstein's wet dreams. A fiendish, goggled mad doctor hovering over a too-ripe, re-animated corpse. Fortunately, for the fiend, the corpse was bound tight.


He knew it was a hideous idea...but hideous was what he did best. And KillSwitch did relish pain and a good dastardly plan. Especially when said dastardly plan involved much mayhem, chaos, and the possible destruction of the newly formed Sentinel.

You remember Sentinel, from the first book, don't you? From the first book? No? Maybe now is a good time to put this book down and pick up the first book. When you're done with that you can come back. Don't worry sweet cheeks, I'll wait. I have all the time in the world. That is...unless KillSwitch destroys said world, in which case it won't matter which book you read because you'll most likely be dead. So what the hell, throw caution to the wind and continue on with this story.

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