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UNSPOKEN: (The sequel to UNBROKEN)


This book is dedicated to:

Alex Hernandez III

Some Gave All


Chapter One

It seemed like a decade had passed since I'd laid eyes on my husband. In reality, it had been just over a year. A year filled with worry, frustration and paranoia.

The instant I saw him, the world around me disappeared. I hated being away from someone I loved for so long and in constant fear they may not return to me. His arms around me and his breath on my neck was the best feeling I had ever experienced. He was alive and thank God, he was home.

“Please don’t leave me again.” I whispered in his ear but he didn’t reply. It was too much to ask of a soldier. No matter how great the love was between us, his commitment to his country came first.

He held my hand as we made our way out of the crowded terminal and through the parking garage, his eyes focused on the ground and his bag thrown over his shoulder.

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