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Kill Me

Blood Chord Novel #1

Alex Owens

Copyright 2012 by Alex Owens

Smashwords Edition

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Quirky Gurl Media

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Owens, Alex

Kill Me / Alex Owens.-1st ed

Formatted by CyberWitch Press

Cover Photo and Design by Karen Fowler Photography

Quirky Gurl Media

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Thirty-something Claire is normal to the point of boring. She has a child, a husband who’s leaving her and a decent job as a PR rep for a boutique firm. While at a music industry convention for work, Claire’s life goes from status-quo to Oh, no! when she meets Bette, a sultry Italian woman with a haunted violin; an instrument that can only be played by the supernaturally gifted. Bette, a vampire with an eye on Claire’s untapped talents, tries to turn her into one of the undead.

Only it doesn’t appear to have worked, at least not one-hundred percent.

While figuring out what fate has planned for her, Claire must also create a marketing campaign off-the-cuff for a Girl-centric guitar company, survive her first strip club visit, and fake being a violin virtuoso in front of thousands. She turns to Bette and her Vampy-friends for help, but trusting them with her life may not be the smartest decision she’s ever made.

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