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Death of a Talisman

A Singular Tale of Bush Droppings

Bill Rayburn

Copyright 2012 by

Bill Rayburn

Smashwords Edition

ā€œA dead body was discovered on the peninsula this morning by early arriving Caltrain commuters. The body was curled up on an oak-stained bench inside the cozy, historic San Carlos Caltrain station.

Police are listing the 50ish white male as John Doe. Though he had two satchels with him filled, ostensibly, with his belongings, police discovered no identification papers. Police also report that no one on the peninsula fitting the description of the deceased has been reported missing.ā€

I was at the bar at the Sundance Tavern in San Francisco, a not uncommon perch for me at 4pm on a non-descript Wednesday. Not much on the tube at this hour, part and parcel why Iā€™d usually stroll the two blocks from my apartment to chat with Alvin the bartender and see how dry he could mix my martini.

Alvin and I were watching the local news.

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