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Super Simple Skin Care

By Nancy Welker

Copyright 2012 by Nancy Welker

Smashwords Edition

This free ebook is my way of thanking all of the women who have come to my websites over the past four years. I’ve heard from thousands of you in that time, and have learned what women want from skin care, along with exercise and diet. The one thing women would have asked most about regarding their skin is how they can use easy, simple, methods to get the complexion they desire. In this little book, that will not take you much time to read through, you can learn how to make your own skin treatments at home, using common ingredients you may already have on hand.

Of course, salon, spa and medical offices will always offer you services that bring about much more dramatic results. However, even with using any treatments from professionals, you will still benefit from adopting effective at-home practices that keep your skin looking beautiful.

Once again, many thanks to all of you! Now, on to the methods:

First, You Must Determine Your Skin Type

You'll find yourself in one of the four main skin-type categories: oily skin, dry skin, normal skin and where many women fall, combination skin. This is essentially determined by the amount of sebum your skin produces, but can also be influenced by hormones, stress, health and environment.

As you have probably learned, some people are far more prone to oiliness than others. Pore size is also relevant, as enlarged pores can lead to an increase in breakouts. When deciding about facial treatments, you'll want to be sure of your type so that you get the best results possible.  It really does make a big difference!

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