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An excerpt from Return of the Succubus

* * * * * * * * * *

The other cultists continued with their task at hand. Their mouths immediately went to the dripping spots of Angelika’s body that they were unable to reach while she was bound. One woman started at the priestess’ feet again and worked her way down as slow as possible. Another was far more zealous and lifted Angelika’s leg, licking at the back of her thigh and working dangerously close to her pussy. In her sitting position, one woman was behind the cum-covered priestess, adoringly lapping at her shoulders and over her back.

With so many spots having been cleaned and the priestess being in such a bad position for all of their mouths to be at work at the same time, a few of the cultists felt left out. They looked to the succubus for approval, which was given with a brief nod.

You may proceed as you wish, my lovelies.”

The women smiled brightly before turning their attentions back to Angelika. Easing forward, one woman brazenly started to tongue the priestess’ breasts, paying particular attention to those hard nipples. Shivers of pleasure coursed through Angelika’s body. The last excluded woman slipped between the others and had just enough room to bury her face against Angelika’s sex. The surprised priestess gasped and arched her back, thrusting her breasts further against the one woman’s face. A collective giggle was given by the women as they continued to coat the woman’s body with saliva even after all of the mess she was covered in was licked off.

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