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By Talessian El-Wikosian

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2010 Talessian El-Wikosian. All rights reserved.

Starships Landing in Public

Many people want to know when the starships will land, since this is a well-placed question it deserves a well-placed response.

Star People have every intention of landing in the public and meeting Humanity. But there are some challenges that we need to address.

The choice of landing comes in two basic varieties: One is unannounced and without permission, the other is when humanity is ready. Now, to understand this we have to look at the response when we land in public. And this is important to understand, and many people don’t realize that there is a negative...dark force, a militarized force who does not like Star Cultures, who does not like genuine Stelans, unless they are helping them out in some malicious manner, which they refuse to do; unless Stelans are giving them high technology, which they now refuse to do and if they come in unannounced, if Stelans land without permission, these people, this secret covert group will do what? They will turn around and say the World, or America, is being invaded by another life-form, by an alien, by an evil alien.

And since most of the people are programmed to think of aliens as monsters, to think of them as being evil, or not being certain of what their intentions are...these people who have military power, who have secret bases, who have control of the media, what they will do is to turn several ships landing in public into an invasion, and it will become a military conflict. We do not want to see any more military conflict in the world. The US has created enough, other nations are aggressive enough, there is no need for more death, more battle. So, rather than have their presence be turned into an alien invasion, fear and panic, and then you being controlled it doesn’t make sense at this current level of human awareness.

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