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And the recent US $700 billion bailout which was passed using fear and aggression, and panic, right, anxiety, we must do, we must do it, this is the way, this is how they work. This is how we know that the government is run by these people. If starships come down, if three starships come into the sky and land, the amount of panic and fear they will generate will be unheard of, they will generate unheard of panic and fear and they will go crazy because they do not like Stelans, and they know star beings speak the truth and they know that they will lose power, so this won’t happen.

Now, let’s say Stelans land and there’s no military assault. Let’s say someone says no military, we are going to agree with no military assault because it’s met with a...sort of a...defense system that will not allow any military assault, so they land. All of a sudden, religion is in question. Who are these gods, who are these people, who are these beings from somewhere else? So there’s a religious, now there’s a religious confusion...perhaps a collapse in certain religions, faith is in trouble.

Human origins – well, who created man, who created man if these guys, these ETs, these starmen can travel dimensions, maybe they come from heaven, right, so same thing: People who control the world will spin this; will twist all of this confusion against us.

They will say we are here to destroy religion, they will say that we murdered god, they will say that we...they made humans for evil purpose, for slavery, you know they will make up something and you will believe it because there are too few who know the truth. Right? Oprah Winfrey doesn’t speak about ET. Larry King, he doesn’t speak about ET, he doesn’t invite guests who are ETs. You don’t hear the voice of an ET, you’ve never heard it, in fact, you’re too busy worried about the economy or war or violence or pestilence, biological weapons, terrorism, I mean they keep you full of stuff, because that is – that’s the way a population is controlled, to keep you full of stuff.

Don’t let them think about their origins, don’t let them think about other beings, don’t let them think about reality; that they’re living in a false reality. Don’t talk about that: sure.

If, for example, if the leaders of the world, if there were moral leaders, if there was a change in leadership, if they start talking about the UFO files, if they talk about the known cooperation with the government since the fifties, and even signed agreements (eg 4 Earth Governments in 1964).

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