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Third Time's A Charm


Gay Erotic Tales #3

Gavin E. Black

Copyright © 2012 Gavin E. Black

All rights reserved

Smashwords Edition

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Chapter One

There was nothing in the fridge besides a loaf of white bread, a few condiments, and something that was completely unrecognizable swimming around in the bottom of the crisper drawer. Groceries were always a bit sparse right before my brother, Andrew, got paid. But I wasn't in the mood for another jam sandwich.

I felt really bad. I honestly did. My inability to find a proper job and keep it for any length of time had really put my brother in a spot financially. I'd officially been living off his generosity for almost three months now, and he was getting sick of my mooching; a topic of many heated discussions.

I threw the fridge door closed, empty handed.

Now what am I supposed to do?

Leaning over the back of the sofa, I slid into it and rolled onto my side. My shoulder blades and lower back were bruised and extremely tender after being stretched out on those beer kegs last night. But they were the least of my worries.

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