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Memories of an alzheimer’s nurse

Memories of an Alzheimer’s Night Nurse.

By Robert Panton.

|Published on Smashwords

Copyright 2012


This isn’t a story I was going to write. The memories are so dreadfully miserable and the years I spent in the nursing of those people that were tragically caught in the trap of that terrible condition now known as Alzheimer’s, are ever present.

I’m sure there are some who have nursed people with dementia and they have enjoyed every minute, but I have to say honestly, that though I felt immensely sorry for their plight I didn’t find it an experience that I would want to repeat.

The reason I write this account is very selfish; it is cathartic, and although I hope that people will read this little book, I don’t really mind too much if not many do so, as it makes me feel a little better for writing it anyway.

At the very beginning I really feel that I ought to tell you that I’m not the sort of person who should have been nursing people with dementia anyway, whatever form it may take.

I am naturally impatient as a person (my wife often tells me that I ought to die today, as tomorrow is always too late for me!) and I also like things to be in order; but as a nurse involved with Alzheimer’s one has to be exceedingly patient and also to be prepared to deal with disorder, as the saying goes; in spadefuls!

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