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The Lion in the Wind

By Steven Lake

Copyright 2012 by Steven Lake

Smashwords Edition


This book is dedicated to God first because of his infinite love and patience with me and for all the great inspiration he's given me. And to my Aunt Grace, the wonderful Christian lady who taught me so many things.


A man in brilliant white robes appeared on the prairie in a dazzling blaze of light that soon faded to a soft, white glow. Another man in slightly dimmer white robes appeared next to him a moment later. The second man studied the prairie around him with interest.

"Why are we back here?" he asked.

"Negago has once again returned to this world in his war of conquest. Therefore we must renew our efforts to protect it as we have before," said the first man.

"Then it is time to summon a new proxy?"

The first man nodded.

"Who shall I summon then?" asked the man.

"Not who, but what. Namely, a machine."

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