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A Quinn Larson Quest


P.A. Wilson

Published by Perry Wilson Books

Copyright 2011 P.A. Wilson

ISBN: 978-0-9878422-5-1

Chapter 1

I couldn’t wait to try the spell until I got to Banks’. It was my first level five, and I needed to read it more than I needed a pint of ale. The street lights were the only illumination and half of them were smashed, so I felt a sufficient level of privacy. I stepped into the shadow of a doorway and unfolded the half sheet of paper.

On a dark moon night, before Venus descends

I stopped reading because I felt a twinge of guilt. Cate was waiting at Banks’ and I promised I’d read it with her. I folded the paper and jammed it back in my pocket. I headed toward Blood Alley, Banks’ current location, thinking about how we should use the spell.

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