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Dave could hear Doc in the next room. Arguing with the Lizard who had shared the flight over. Woz the armchair xenobiologist had said he was a B'dauss, which lead to some interesting and squicktastic speculation about the Thing in the box the Lizard had carried with him.

"Might as well trial and train at the same time," Doc was saying as he bustled into the medbay. "Good news, Banner. Not only do you have Light Duties, but you also have a brand new helper-monkey."

"Actually, the Faiize is--" began the Lizard.

"Neither of us care," said Doc. He stepped aside to reveal the Thing in all it's glory.

Yikes. They could not have gone deeper into the Uncanny Valley without spelunking equipment...

The thing standing slightly behind Doc was sort of humanoid, in the same sense that a gingerbread man is sort of humanoid. It had bulbous curves intersecting badly with cylinders for most of its body. The skin, what little of it lay exposed by the silver, emblem-emblazoned suit, was a horrible shade of pale, cyanotic blue. The face was almost a cartoon face. Too-round eyes stared unblinking from a bare sketch of a face. The mouth was an expressionless slit, as if freshly cut into that weird, sad imitation of a face.

"This is Wave of the Future's newest biotech solution for the working environment, the Faiize. This one you're development-testing is designated Rael." It could have been pronounced 'rail', if not for the Lizard's insistence on emphasising the 'el' part of the creature's name. "It is fully programmable, interactive, and adaptable to almost any situation."

"Its manual and accessories are cluttering up my desk," said Doc. "Some techies are installing the feeder machine in the mess."

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