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Wings of Light

Prophecy of Ages

Lloyd A. Baron

Wings of Light

Lloyd Baron

© 2011 by Lloyd A. Baron

Smashwords Edition


This book is the start of a project I have spent years in planning. It would be simple to just say thanks to everyone and leave it at that but there are a few people who have been so helpful in the making of this book that I want to name them. It would never have happened without the belief of my family. Thank you Mother for your words of encouragement and Father for your guidance. I would like to thank Matt for helping me with the tech side of things. Words I can do, computers I’m not so bright with. Ben (Wit-Woo) for providing me with food so that I could make it through the editing, without you I would have starved. Plus all my other friends for putting up with my years of rambling. Thanks to Sid for letting me use his name and also to Jess for the same reason. I would also like to say thanks to everyone who has ever listened and given feedback. Katie, Natalie O, Natalie W, Sigourney, Amy K, Lee (Cuffy), Frankie, Sarah, Adam F, Mark, Sam, Kerrie, Aidan and everyone that I have missed out. There are lots of you. I would like to thank Josh for the use of his sword and Izzy for something (she would moan if I didn’t add her).

Lasatly a list of people who helped me out by supplying me with something I needed to get through the many hours of editing, Coffee. So thanks to Nero Boy (Tom), Short Red (Rosie), Posh (Luke), Blondie (Conor), The Northern One (Mike), One of the Girls with Glasses (Plamena), The Boss (Helen) and “You Have a New Hair Colour” (Miles)

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