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The Angel’s Apprentice

By: Dallas Hunter

Broom Closet.

So great, now we’re stuck.” I said. He grunted as he pushed against the door. Something in the way he stood made me think that if he tried hard enough he could break it, but if that were true there would be no chance of him doing it while I was around to see.

Gee, sorry you have to miss you class on account of me princess.” He said sarcastically. I glared at him in the dark. Even from here I could see his aura straining to contain himself. I sighed and grabbed at it with my own aura and slowly but surely the rage on the edge of it began to ebb. He leaned against the wall of the shed and sighed as he slid down to sit on his butt.

No need to be nasty.” I said as I released a bobby pin from my hair. “Lucky for you this is not the first time this has happened to me.” I bent it and began to wiggle it in the lock.


I woke up suddenly from the dream and lie awake with my eyes open for a little while. I don’t know why I had a dream of the first time I had met him, Ash that is. He had moved here a few weeks ago and embarrassingly the first time I had met him he had accidentally let the door to the broom closet close behind him.

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