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Published by Stroker Chase

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Val stepped through the murky woods, pushing away soggy branches that covered the path. She wished it would stop raining, but she was wishing for that the past hour, and it only added more to the downpour.

Vic hacked with his sword, looking like a young kid waving around a play sword. He chopped some thick branches away, which would’ve been as easy to remove as simply pushing with their hands.

The branches tumbled into the open. Val rushed through the brush, and came out into an open field, covered in hard soil, a ring of light shining down onto them.

As they stepped inside, the rain quieted to a patter.

It stopped!” She ran over to her brother, giving him a squeeze. He brushed it off. Val unclasped him, realizing just how soaked her dress was.

It clung to her, the thin fabric exposing her body underneath. She shivered, then huddled against a tree in the corner. Her brother came near, throwing his pack, then thudding down beside her.

This looks like a good place to stay for the night. First things first, we need to start a fire.”

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