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The Disgruntled Professors Club

Written by the Disgruntled Professors Club

This book is dedicated to all of the professors, lecturers, and graduate students that work hard for their students. Despite the excuses, don’t forget that you truly make a difference to many students.

© 2012, DPC


It is always sad to see a new faculty member that is discouraged by their students’ lack of enthusiasm. It is understandably difficult to not take it personally. We know this and almost every college instructor has struggled with this at different times. Despite the students that complain and have a lackadaisical attitude toward you and the course, there are also many students that appreciate you.

As a group of professors that have been friends for many years, we decided to stop complaining to each other about the excuses that we hear and instead conduct a study to formally document the excuses that students bring to us. We decided to make the process of giving excuses formal by requiring students to complete a “Special Exception Request” form. Students need to take the time to write what they want the professor to do for them and why the professor should do so. This book contains a collection of snippets of excuses that are based in part from excuses that we have heard and breaks them into three categories – the absurd, the reasonable, and those that we don’t understand. We hope that readers will enjoy the entertainment value of this book and realize that the excuses are not usually a personal attack on instructors where students are secretly saying that an instructor is awful.

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