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A Few Days

By Timothy Conerson

Timothy Conerson© 2012


A Few Days

Craig stepped on to the uptown 6 train on his way to class. He has just entered a graduate program that is demanding. Craig finds a seat in the corner of the train and takes out his cheat sheet in order to study for a midterm examination. As the train pulls out of the station Craig begins to feel nervousness in his stomach. He seems to remember less information the more that he reads his sheet. Craig starts to panic. If he does not pass the exam he will flunk out of the program. Craig opens his jackets to try to stop the small streams of sweat that is now running down his chest and back. He stares at the sheet trying to force a focus that he knows will never come. Craig’s breathing becomes short. He drops the sheet of paper on the floor of the train beside his knapsack. Every sound disappears except for the automated female voice announcing each stop.

This- is-Spring-Street. The- next-stop-is-Bleecker-Street.

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