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Vera cut to the surface. Already swimming this close was dangerous. Her father warned her countless times to stay away, but each time the humans appeared, she couldn’t help but emerge from the deep. Life below could be tiresome, and the humans were new and strange.

Even though she did this before, every time she came closer to the surface, it brought back the same feelings. Feelings that she couldn’t experience with mermaids. They connected, only for moments, but the brilliance was indescribable. They didn’t have words for it in the deep. It took control, driving Vera on. Her long tail worked through the waters, pushing her further towards the oncoming vibrations.

Here it comes, Vera thought. She braced for impact. She heard that humans and mermaids should never come into contact. The species were too different. Vera lived in a world of dreams, while the humans lived in a concrete world. To them, she lived in magic. To her, what they lived in was magic, even though not all mermaids agreed with her.

The vibrations struck. Vera stretched her arms wide, floating, letting the sensations come. She could enter their minds, something she heard humans couldn’t do. She’d learned a lot of their language and customs just from her brief mental visits, yet she knew there was a lot more to learn.

Here it comes again.

She writhed in pleasure. The tingling moved from the bottom of her tail to the tip of every strand of her long, flowing hair. Every fiber of her being rang. Vera’s mind broke the surface, rummaging through the ship at hyper speed, seeing the whole ship. Men lumbered around the decks.

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