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Published by Stroker Chase at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 by Stroker Chase

They stalked Val and Leon. Barring their teeth, the wolves passed in a tightening circle, cutting off their escape. Leon took a step back into Val, who clutched his leg, hoping that he could scare them away.

It didn’t look hopeful. He stood his ground, but against all those wolves, attacking from all directions, they didn’t stand a chance. The wolves suddenly stopped in place, rearing up, growling deep. How many there were in the darkness, it was impossible to say.

A monstrous shadow emerged behind the pack. A man, standing tall, walking towards Val and Leon. The wolves whimpered as he came close, turning down their snouts, no longer agitated.

A muscular, lean man with long auburn hair strode through the circle of wolves, coming to stop in front of Leon. The man was completely naked. His long cock hung between his legs.

It made Val self conscious about her own naked body, which she had forgotten about after awhile. She pressed closer to Leon, hoping to hide her breasts behind his wide calves. She thought by now she would be used to all of this nakedness, but seeing this new man before her, rugged, handsome, and naked, she most definitely was not.

It’s been awhile.”

Leon barred his teeth. Feral, much like the wolves, he held his hands out like claws, ready to attack. “What is it? Why are you here?”

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