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The Smell of Morning

Just Five Minutes More!

Michael Horan

Copyright 2012 by Michael Horan

Smashwords Edition

The Critic

“…in closing I would like to say that these few thousand words should never have been strung together. The author of this book should have his hands broken, his eyes poked out and, if I had my way, a large dose of shock treatment to keep him from even THINKING about writing again. Please readers avoid this book at all costs!”

Peter SaintCloud read the last section again as his anger grew. Yes, that pompous ass of a critic, Mark Wallace, had just bashed two years of his life in a five hundred word article. The same words were there when he read it a third, fourth and fifth time. Devastated, he put the paper down and fell onto the bed of his small apartment.

“Just what do I do now?” Peter asked himself over and over again.

Lying on the comforter and staring at the ceiling seemed to be all he was capable of doing at the time. As he did so, time and thoughts floated around his skull. Thinking about all the sacrifices he had made to write his first book broke his heart. Relationships with several women and at least one good job were thrown away to make time for his passion for writing.

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