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By Selena Blake

Ava,” he pulled her to a stop. He felt like such an ass. She’d opened up to him. Showed a different side of herself. Shared herself. Been honest about her desires. And he’d squashed all that…just so he could keep his neat and tidy life in safe compartments. Which was ironic, considering that what he wanted to do with her was far from neat and tidy.

I didn’t mean to upset you,” he said, keeping his voice soft.

You didn’t,” she said nonchalantly. But the words were too automatic. Too quick. She paused and glanced away. “You were being honest and I can appreciate that,” she amended.

She thought he was being honest? Far from it, beautiful. Honest was wanting to press her up against the side of the house, letting his hands and lips investigate everything his eyes could see.

Then why won’t you look at me?” He gripped her upper arms and squeezed gently.

Because--“ she cried, her gaze snapping to his. An electric current zapped between them, heating him from head to toe.

Because…” he prompted, a heartbeat away from kissing her into oblivion.

Eyes pleading, she said, “if I look at you, I’ll want to kiss you. And if I kiss you, I won’t be able to stop.”

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