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The apocalypse is just a grievous error away. Thankfully groups like the Zombie Response Team are real and ready to “Protect and Sever”. I want to thank Morgan Barnhart and Joshua Garcia for allowing me to make the Zombie Response Team an integral part of the I Zombie series. I look forward to placing Bethany, Morgan, Josh, and company in deeper and darker peril just to see how they manage to fight their way out. Rock on!

And to my fans who keep begging for more – fear not, I have much nastiness in store for the world. So long as you keep reading, I'll keep writing. And speaking of writing, let's get on with this bitch... shall we?

Chapter 1

This is Bethany Nitshimi. I'm alive. I'm still kicking ass and broadcasting fast. After facing down the biggest horde of zombies imaginable, I managed to escape the Zero Day Collective yet again. I will not, I repeat, I will not be taken down by this apocalypse brought to us by corporate greed. I will fight, I will kill, and I will do everything I can to help mankind back to its feet. Until then, my vengeance will be merciless.

My current zombie count is one hundred and twenty two. I started that count the day I wound up on my own. That same house that saw the death of my friends Sam Leamy, Courtney Sellers, Dr. Joy Daniel Michaels, and Dirt Bag became my secret hideaway. There I grew to understand exactly what it takes to survive – how to make cold my heart and silent my fear. I can kill now without thought, without remorse, and I will not stop until that body count includes every member of the Zero Day Collective. It's been almost a year since the Zero Day Collective served up a grand buffet of gray matter to Homo Erectus 2.0. They thought it was in their right to cleanse the planet of all those they deemed unworthy. Thing is, they didn't count on the resilience of the human spirit.

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