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This is all impressive, but I would really like to see what I came here for,” Dr. Jansen said.

Dr. Richardson led the young, slender researcher away from his bedroom. He, of course, had to give her the full tour, and the full tour wouldn’t be complete until he showed her his own room. She was right, however. They should return to what was really important.

The discovery that would change the world.

Ah yes, follow me. We’ll be there in a moment.”

They traveled down the base’s long steel corridor, Dr. Jansen’s heels clacking and echoing every step of the way.

Tell me about your discovery as we go. Tell me about this fish.”


Excuse me?”

The fish’s name is Skippy.”

Oh, right, well, tell me about Skippy then doctor. I’ve heard some unbelievable things.”

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