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It was a moonless night on a primitive planet, the air filled with new and different scents, but the woman caught the scent she wanted. The enemy was near. Her big problem, right now, was to keep from throttling the tall youth who accompanied her.

“I should go with you,” he said softly.

His eyes flew wide as her steely grip tightened on his throat, choking off the sound. She released her grip and leaned close, her lips brushing his ear and sending far too much of his blood away from his brain.

The ice in her words shattered his arousal and brought him back to his senses. On the ship she might be a coquette, but on assignment she was the Hunter, and he knew her deadly reputation. He swallowed hard as she spoke, her words so soft he could barely hear them.

“Make no sound. None. Remain here. Remain very still. Have your weapon ready. I will illuminate the target. You make the kill. Do not try to follow me. Do not try to help me. Stay alert and ready. Do you understand?”

He gulped again as he nodded his head. She was gone into the darkness before he could blink. The young agent slowly and carefully positioned himself and his long range weapon facing what he hoped would be the right direction. It would be, he knew. She had said it would.

Again he marveled at how these Nanders could move so silently even in the darkness. The hunter wasn’t a Nander. She was something worse, a Sapien, trained by Nanders. You could predict the actions of a Nander, but not her. She was totally unpredictable.

As the young Corelian agent lay hidden and frustrated, being slowly consumed by insects, the woman ghosted through the forest towards the small spot she believed to be the enemy encampment. Cautiously she drew nearer, every sense on full alert. “Easy, August,” she silently admonished herself, “stay focused. They’re here somewhere.”

It had been an obvious camping spot, a small clearing near water. She was certain they would be there somewhere. The big problem with Vorlox was the damned stealth suits their agents always wore. It was all bad enough they were telepathic and could control a person’s mind, but to be invisible as well made them a deadly opponent. It took a special person with very special training and talents to hunt them. August Summers was just such a hunter. In fact, she was the best.

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